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The company, established in 1999 with its primary focus within the ICT industry. LEGGERO TECHNOLOGIES is a privately owned LEVEL 1 BEEE South African Company.  The company began its career in supply of computing hardware. Over the years the company has grown it product and service offering ranging from hardware to software managed services beyond the borders of South Africa.

Our dynamic and innovative ICT company offers software, networking, connectivity, support services, and Business Continuity and Disaster recovery services

 Our Focus

Backup and Disaster Recovery solution and services that offer complete peace of mind to customers knowing their business data is protected as all times.

Retail Management Software (POS) Inventory Management, Sales, Accounts and Customer management software. 

Hardware Distribution - Our years of experience gives us the edge in supplying a wide range of computing hardware including Servers, Desktops, Notebooks, Computer Components, Imaging Devices, Storage Devices, Barcode scanners, Label Printers, Receipt Printers and Touch Screens

Support Services - Desktop, Networking, email, server support and data protection services

Our flat horizontal structure allows us to be committed to teamwork, training and continuous learning. Our corporate policy is to enable closer ties with our partners, dealers and customers that warrant open communication, commitment to quality and speedy delivery of services and products. 


We at Leggero believe in people, whom we connect to technology and systems

We are agile!