Colossal DSP Pure regulated Inverter

COLOSSAL (5KVA - 100KVA) - Heavy Duty digital sine wave inverter. Suitable for all kinds of commercial establishments.

Heavy Duty 
The Colossal Series is available as standard as well as customized solutions from 5 KVA to 100 KVA, are ideal for all types of commercial establishments like offices, showrooms, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, schools, labs, petrol pumps, banks, telecom towers, ATMs and BPOs etc.

Low Running Cost
Su-Kams DSP Sine Wave Inverters – Colossal Series produces and draws only the required amount of power from the battery, thereby maintaining a low running cost

Extended Power Back-up Time
Su-Kam’s DSP Sine Wave Inverter – Colossal Series has an option where the user can increase the number of additional batteries to thus increasing the back-up power, according to the requirement

Su-Kams Soft Start Technology
Su-Kam’s DSP Sine Wave Inverter – Colossal Series incorporates Soft Start Technology, which does not allow high startup currents from large inductive loads to shut down the inverter. Soft Start also improves inverter operation

Cold Start
The Cold Start function of the colossal Series enables the user to also start the inverter in Battery mode, in the absence of power from the mains (Grid Power). It also has the unique advantage of being compatible with your existing generator i.e. it can charge batteries from grid power as well as power produced by generators. The user can also integrate it with solar power to charge the batteries by using external solar charge controller

Su-Kam’s DSP Sine Wave Inverter – Colossal Series is an ideal replacement for the generator and can power appliances 
from a simple fan to even elevators at shopping malls and large industries.

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